Patient Participation Group

We have a patient participation group which meets regularly to discuss issues affecting patients and the practice. We try to make the group membership as representative as possible of our registered patients. We currently have 7 members (male and female) with an age range of 40 and over.

In order for our group to include a wider range of patient views we also have an e-forum where patients can contribute via e-mail.

Coalfields Forum

Patients from local practices come together on a regular basis to discuss matters which affect patients in our area. This group is known as the Coalfields Patient Forum and includes patients from Houghton Medical Group, Hetton Group Practice, Kepier Medical Practice, Westbourne Medical Group, Grangewood Surgery and Herrington Burn Practice.


Are you interested in joining our e-forum? This means that we may contact you from time to time via email to ask your views on the services we provide.

Please give your e-mail address to reception or contact Lynne Smart or Kim Christie for further details.